Chain Reaction Multi-Player AI [ AUG 2017 ]

Developed a multi-player AI for the popular game Chain Reaction. Implemented various decision-making algorithms including Paranoid Minimax, MaxN with Immediate and Shallow Pruning, and MP-Mix to guide the search strategy at different points during the game. The AI can play against N players, and selects a different mechanism like Score-Maximizing, Defensive or Offensive based on the game conditions.

  MaxN     Minimax     Decision Theory     Artificial Intelligence     MP-Mix     HTML5  
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Maze Generator and Solver [ JUN 2017 ]

A canvas-based maze generator and solver application for creating free-hand, irregular and non-traditional mazes and applying path-finding algorithms to solve them. Mazes are created by drawing walls over the canvas. These mazes can be exported as a simple grid to be used separately. Path finding algorithms such as A* Search, Dijkstra's, Breadth-First and Depth-First are implemented to find the (shortest) path from a source to destination point.

  Path-Finding     AngularJS     HTML5 Canvas     Express     Gulp  
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Tic-Tac-Toe AI [ MAY 2017 ]

Implemented an unbeatable Tic-Tac-Toe AI that plays a perfect-game. Decision-making algorithms include Minimax and Minimax with Alpha-Beta pruning for finding the optimal move. In two-player mode, players can create and join a private game room and play online from anywhere. was used for real-time communication

  Artificial Intelligence     Minimax     Decision Theory     Node.js     Socket.IO     JavaScript  
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Gmail Clone [ AUG 2016 ]

Gmail Clone is an AngularJS application with a user interface strikingly similar to Gmail itself. It allows users to sign up, login and send (fake) emails to other registered users of the application. It allows features composing and sending of the mails, reading the mails, starring, marking as spam and deleting the mails. It features a Real-Time Email Availibility Checker for validating the emails during login and sign up.

  AngularJS     MongoDB     NodeJS     Bootstrap     Express  
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Application Localizer [ JUL 2017 ]

An AngularJS + Python system with multiple components for facilitating localization of any application. For Angular based webapps, it includes simple and reusable directives for translation of dynamic content on webpage such as messages, comments etc. A multi-threaded Python module bulk-translates the application's static text files into multiple languages in seconds, using Google Translate. The translated output can be easily configured for webapps (as locale JSON files), for Android apps (as strings.xml file), or iOS (as constants file).

  Localization     AngularJS     Google Translate     Python     Internationalization  

Catapult - A Cloud Storage Application [ APR 2016 ]

Catapult is a cloud based application that combines various Cloud Storage services like Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox and provides a uniform interface to access all the files with a single login. The main aim was to increase the total cloud storage space that a user gets for free by combining all these services. Catapult uses REST APIs of these cloud services to manage user's files on their behalf. The total storage space that a user gets is the sum of storages from all the cloud accounts connected to Catapult. A user can connect multiple accounts and access them together from one interface. Different algorithms were implemented like Best Fit, First Fit and Round Robin to store files among available cloud drives.

  Python     HTML     Flask     SQLite     Google Drive     Dropbox     OneDrive  
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CarPool [ JAN 2015 ]

It is a car-sharing system that connects car owners with car passengers for Carpooling. The two core features of this system are 'Offering a Ride' and 'Finding a Ride'. A car owner can share his car simply by offering a ride on a particular route. Passengers who wish to go on the same route can find the rides and join them.

  HTML     CSS     JavaScript     PHP     MySQL     Twitter BootStrap     PhoneGap     Android  
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Fix-It -- A Social Utility Application [ FEB 2015 ]

A mobile app that helps in fixing things up. Be it a broken door, a dirty toilet or an overflowing garbage bin that needs to be taken care of, users can take the initiative to fix the problem and help make the society a better place. Just click a picture of anything you see that needs to be fixed, write a complaint description and send it. Using the mobile's GPS location, the app relays the information to the concerned authority of that area who is responsible for fixing things. The app makes the whole problem reporting process a breeze for users. It underwent further improvements and is fully functional now. '

  Hybrid     HTML     JavaScript     PHP     CSS     MySQL  
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Attendance Monitor [ DEC 2014 ]

To solve the problem of not being able to know our class attendance, a creative attendance management platform was developed. It allows students to login and mark their daily attendance online for self-evaluation. This helps the students in tracking their percentage of class attendance accurately. Students can plan their classes or day offs in a better way. Developed specially for the students of MJCET.

  HTML     JavaScript     Twitter BootStrap     PHP     CSS     MySQL  
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Pigeon [ AUG 2014 ]

A simple WhatsApp-like instant-messaging android app built on with one-to-one and group chat features. The push notification feature of Parse (BaaS) was used for sending & delivering messages from device to device. The chat messages were stored only on the devices. The app shows when the user is 'online' or 'typing..' while in an active chat. New messages generate a notification if the device is in sleep mode.'

  Android     Java     XML  
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Bingo Online [ FEB 2015 ]

A two-player turn-based strategy game of Bingo was implemented.The objective of the game is to mark all the numbers on your end as quickly as possible to create 5 chains.Node.js and Socket.IOwas used for realtime communication between clients.The app is deployedon Heroku.

  HTML     CSS     JavaScript     Node.js     Socket.IO     Heroku     JQuery  
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FCrypt [ AUG 2014 ]

A desktop application for encrypting text messages using a simple substitution cipher algorithm written by me.The encrypted text is generated based on a secret / private key(4 - digit number), using random characters and symbols.The algorithm was tested to be almost(99 % ) invulnerable to Brute Force attacks.

  C#     Windows     .NET 4.5  
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OU Marks Calculator [ JAN 2014 ]

With an aim of covering a missing feature in Osmania University 's result system, this desktop application takes the results data from website and automatically calculate the total marks and percentage of students accurately.The problem with OU's result system is, it only displays subject - wise marks and students have to go through an unexciting task of manually calculating their total / percentage.With this application, the results data of many students can also be saved offline and used to draw essential analytics.

  Visual Basic     .NET 3.5     Windows  
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Student Application [ JAN 2015 ]

An android app that aims at providing students witheasy access to the study material available online specificallyfortheir course.The app connects and receives data from the college,also simplifies the procedurefor checking onlinemarks.A push notification feature was added using,to send anynotices directly to students on their mobiles.Other modules include aPlannerfor exams,a Formula book,Attendance Tracker,links to onlinetutorial sites.

  Java     Android     Web     XML  
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Sudoku Solver [ FEB 2015 ]

A sudoku solver algorithm was implemented using JavaScript. Given the input as a partially solved sudoku configuration, it finds the remaining solution if one exists.

  HTML     CSS     JavaScript  
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FPuzzle [ FEB 2015 ]

A 15-puzzle game of sliding numbers. The task is to arrange the numbers in order by sliding the blocks on the free space available. A timer was also added to record the time taken for solving the puzzle. Developed for Android, Windows Phone and Windows.

  HTML     CSS     JavaScript     Node.js     Socket.IO     Heroku     JQuery  
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QuizApp [ FEB 2015 ]

A quiz application was developed for a computer based test round in 'The Amazing Race' event in Adsophos 2014. The application presents the users with questions and multiple choice options for answering.It had a countdown timer and score counter.

  HTML     CSS     JavaScript     Node.js     Socket.IO     Heroku     JQuery  
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